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Spyder one


I highly recommend this gun to a beginner.  It is easy to maintain and upgrade.  It also performs quite well on the field.


TL Plus


I really like this gun it has a longer barrel than the compact and spyder one.  It also has rear cocking and a double trigger.  It is decently accurate at long ranges it also has a nice feel to it(meaning it is light and well balanced).  This is the perfect start up gun and you get your money's worth on this gun.

Spyder Extra



I really love this gun it has great accuracy at medium range.  It is light weight and small making it easier to move around in bunkers.  The bolt is nicer than that of the TL plus.  When you first get it, you will need to cut the springs because it shots really hot. This gun is extremely light when compared to the autococker or F4.  This makes it easy to get around and maneuver inside bunkers.  The vertical feed is a nice improvement to the gun increasing the firing rate.   I have played with this gun numerous times and i have yet to chop a ball.


While spyders are nice guns, the accuracy will be greatly increased with the addition of an aftermarket barrel. We highly recomend the J&J 2-piece.

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